The Pet Massage Bath Tool

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As far as dog bathing tools go, this is one of the most effective we’ve found. The Pet Massage Bath Tool is a wearable sprayer-slash-scrubber that slips onto your hand.

This gives pup parents a better handle on the washing situation. They have one hand free to do the holding while the other does the scrubbing and rinsing—and it’s also more soothing for the dog because the glove has little rubber scrubbers that massage as they clean.

The Pet Massage Bath Tool comes with an adapter so you can attach it indoors or fasten it to your garden hose and bathe your dog outside. The spraying power is more
 gentle than a high-pressure hose, but it’s also lot more effective than a bowl or cup bath.

Bath time becomes a win-win situation. This dreaded ritual turns into a seamless activity for you, and your pup gets to actually enjoy it.