Diamond Dermabrasion Electronic Blackhead Remover

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Portable Digital Diamond Dermabrasion Pen Vacuum Skin Peeling Beauty Equipment


    • Diamond Dermabrasion role in the dermis, making skin activation, repair and regeneration
    • 3 different degree of thickness of diamond tips, 3 different size vacuum treatment heads
    • Small, lightweight, easy to carry, Machine is only 160g, it's convenient for home use and portable
    • Suitable for different types of skin.110V-240V Universal Voltage.
    • Removes aging skin, avoids skin cells excessive accumulation, keeps the skin Smooth and Delicate,accelerates and removes the surface skin dust pollutants radicals which easy to hurt the cell, Enhances the cell's natural defense. Avoid the collagen fibers denaturing.


How to use it? (Face)

1. Wash your face, dry the water with clean towel or facial tissues.
2. Press ON/OFF to turn on the machine, set the speed (1-3 level).
3. Operate it near the skin.
4. Wash your skin with warm water (DON'T USE FACIAL CLEANSER). It can clean the pore and moisture face
5. Clean your diamond skin peel machine.