New Red Dot Laser Brass Bore Sight Cartridge

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Bore Sights are an absolute must-have weapon accessory for any shooter. Sighting in your brand new riflescope can be challenging, with potentially dozens of shots necessary before your scope is on target, so using a laser bore sight is not only easy, it's also a money saver. DEMCO Products has a variety of different options available, from cartridge bore sights that are simply placed into the chamber of your firearm just like a shell to universal bore sights that fit in the barrel of your gun. If you get a cartridge bore sight, be sure to check that the size of the bore sight matches the caliber of your gun. One of the most convenient bore sights is the magnetic bore sight, which, as the name implies, uses magnets to attach to the barrel of your firearm and no insertion is necessary.

Keep in mind that a bore sight does not fully sight in your gun. It is simply a great way to get your scope close to sighted so that you don't waste shots trying to get a shot on paper at about 50 yards. Firing live ammunition is the only way to be sure that your scope is on target when it counts. Though they're not precise enough to give you a perfect shot, bore sights can be a great tool on the hunting trail, especially if you drop your rifle and need to do a quick double check to if it is close to sighted in. With no shots necessary, a bore sight will keep your location hidden from potential game. Speed up the process of sighting in your scope with a top quality boresighter from DEMCO Products!