Qi Wireless Charger Receiver for iPhone and Android

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This great Qi receiver connects to the charge port on your smartphone and enables wireless charging. Just place the smartphone on your own Qi wireless charger to begin charging immediately, without using any extra chargers or wires.


  • Universal Qi wireless charging receiver for iPhone, Micro USB Type-A and Type-B compatible smartphones
  • Easy Installation - simply plug the connector into the charge port on your smartphone
  • This great wireless charging receiver works with any Qi-enabled charger (charger not included)
  • Simple, slim design, it can be attached to the back of your phone and it won't add any unnecessary bulk then simply put your case on your phone
  • This Qi wireless charging receiver is compatible with all iPhone, Micro USB Type-A and Type-B enabled smartphones


  • Standard: Qi
  • Charging Port: Lightning, Micro USB Type-A, and Type B
  • Output: DC 5V / 1A
  • Charging Distance: 2 - 6mm
  • Power Conversion: >80%
  • CE certified

Convert your smartphone device into a Qi compatible device and enjoy fast, wireless charging with this Qi wireless charging receiver.