Alloy RC Excavator

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This Remote Controlled Excavator is every kid's dream! 

Instead of letting your child play with iPads and computer games, get them to train their Motoring Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination with this amazingly fun RC-Toy Excavator in the Sandbox, Playground or on your Lawn! 

First developed in Japan and sold in Korea on TV as a kids toy!

If you've ever worked with a real size excavator, you'll definitely be blown away by how similar this toy is compared to the real thing. Once you unbox it, take note of the incredible detail and the exquisite feel. Simple follow the simple assembly instructions to get the toy up and running within minutes!

Remove sand and small stones with ease! You can have the most realistic excavating experience EVER by powering through all kinds of obstacles, from small hills to deep trenches, nothing can stop the HUINA™ RC Excavator!

The thick tank treads that the excavator sits on is made of industrial grade rubber and can take an enormous amount of pressure! It doesn't matter whether you plan to use it on concrete pavements, dirt paths, gravel, hardwood floors etc, this rubber is non-scratch and is solid enough to tackle any terrain! 

As with all toys, durability is a key factor. The frame and tank treads are made with the highest quality Plastic, Carbon Fiber, Rubber and Metals - This toy is guaranteed to last long! 

This is Every Child's (Daddy's) Dream Toy! This is a Fully Functional Remote Controlled Excavator! ✅ Great for training your kid's hand-eye coordination and motor skills! ✅ Great for use in a sand pit or on your lawn ✅ Realistic movements and rotations ✅ Easy to use and setup

The Excavator comes with a high-capacity rechargeable battery to make sure that you always have enough "diesel" to run your machine!

In your package you will also get a heavy-duty, 15 Channel Remote Control, 2.4 Ghz Signal, Programmable wireless remote control with instructions on how to operate the excavator easily.


  • Material: Plastic, Metal, Carbon Fiber, Rubber (100% Eco-Friendly)
  • Throttle servo: 30 km / h
  • Power: Battery Operated
  • Action Time: 30 Minutes At Full charge
  • Charging Voltage: 5V ,1A
  • Steering servo: 30 km/h
  • Remote Distance:~12m
  • NOTE: Remote Control Batteries Are Not Included