Elfinbook ™ 2.0 Reusable Smart Notebook

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The Elfinbook 2.0™ is built for the digital age while providing a classic pen and paper experience. With the touch and feel of a traditional notebook, the Elfinbook™ is endlessly reusable and connected to all of your favorite cloud services like Evernote, Onedrive, Dropbox, & Google Drive. 

This notebook is for the innovation appreciator, the artist, the designer, or just anyone who likes to keep things organized. Draw endlessly and transfix your designs and drawings to your phone or tablet.

The app has a new OCR function which enables you search your hand written notes!

The Best Part is...

This is a Reusable Smart Notebook, you can simply wipe off your notes with a damp cloth, hair dryer, or erase the entire notebook at once in the microwave oven.




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Key Features:

  • Erasing: Use a damp-cloth, heat (blow dryer, microwave), or special eraser attached to the pen provided
  • By downloading the Elfinbook APP you can scan your notes with your phone to store, organize, share, and search them at a later time.
  • Easily send your notes to Evernote, Onedrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Whenever. Wherever. Whatever.
  • This is the last notebook you'll ever need!


  • B5 Size: 9.8 inches / 25 cm X 6.9 inches / 17.6 cm
  • A5 Size: 8.3 inches / 21 cm X 5.8 inches / 14.8 cm

APP Downloading

  • For Apple users, please search “Elfinbook” in App Store.
  • For Android users, please search “Elfinbook” in the Google Play.
  • After registration, please click the "upgrade to super users", then click "Code" on the top right and input VIP Code to enjoy all the functions for free. You may find the VIP code on our instruction book. 

Scanning Details

  • Use Elfinbook APP scanning to back up the notes. 
  • The boundary of Elfinbook can be inspected automatically! Any identified error can be corrected manually. 
  • Multiple-scanning effects can be selected after snipping, e.g. Black-and-white scanning and color scanning. 

What to write with?

  • Every package comes with a complimentary Pilot FriXion pen.
  • You can purchase a 3 pack of pens by clicking >> here <<
  • Pilot FriXion pens can also be found in most stationary-carrying stores around the globe

    Each Product Package Includes:

    • 1x Elfinbook™
    • 1x Pen included (more can be purchased >> here <<
    • 1x Pen Holder

    A Note to our Customers:

    Our Elfinbook ™ 2.0 Smart Reusable Notebook version is completely different from one's on other platforms. Please be aware that there are fake one's in circulation that don't have all the features working properly and they also don't provide VIP coding for customers. We offer a much higher quality product, with the manufacturers recommended ink & tips that certainly provides our customers with a much more authentic feel of writing on paper. DEMCO Products is the ONLY authorized seller of the official Elfinbook ™ 2.0 Smart Reusable Notebook.


    AUGUST 2018 Launch: 
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