SANNCE 915MHz Wireless Security Alarm with 1 Camera + 4 Door Sensors

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SANNCE 915MHz Wireless Security Alarm 720P Camera Door Sensors Wi-Fi Network Defender Baby Monitor



  • [720P HD Video] This camera pans and tilts 350 degrees and 90 degrees horizontally and vertically respectively to film 720P HD videos that provide crystal clear details.
  • [Two-way Audio] We installed a well-performance speaker and microphone to our PT camera that allows you not only listen to the person under monitoring but also talk to him/her.
  • [RF Wireless Alarms] This security system is not only covering the camera monitors, but also responds to your other alarming devices, like your remotes, Door sensors, IR sensors, alarm buttons, fire alarms and gas detectors, etc.
  • [Excellent Night Vision] This camera with 6pcs high-performance IR LEDs that automatically switch on to give a distinguish night vision of max 26ft/8m is for 24/7 continuously security and nighttime surveillance enhancement.
  • [Local Recording & Instant Alerts] For extra insurance, this camera has a 64GB on-board recording feature to back up footage if there is a connection break. And when there is anything abnormal, this camera pushes email alerts immediately.
  • [On-Board Recording] 64GB local recording makes sure no footage missed but it's safely stored. Instant Alerts: Email alerts sent out as soon as suspicions detected.



  • 720P real-time videos leave nothing unseen There has no more frustrations nor agitations against video examinations as our smart PZ camera outputs 1280 x720P resolution images, thus you can see the details effortlessly and clearly.
  • Two-way audio provides interaction By installing speaker to this camera, you can use it to broadcast your voice and deter potential intruders. Or you can make live conversations through the camera as there is also a microphone in-built.
  • Outstanding night vision and instant alerts This camera has a stunning night vision of 26ft/8m, 6 well-function automatic IR LEDs contribute to a clear surveillance at night. As a result, IR switches on when the lights are weak for a full monitoring throughout day and day.
  • Wide-angled videos enhance monitoring Instead of using multiple fixed cameras for a big space, using a camera that could pan and tilt with 350 degrees and 90 degrees respectively is rather a cost-effect method. Our camera is fortunately fits the portfolio.
  • RF wireless module groups up security system Since we have expertise in home security, we notice about connecting other alarms to ensure thorough safety of the house. For instance, if the fire alarm sets off, this surveillance system also arises alerts to notice you there has something went wrong.
  • Large on-board recording safeguards footage In case of poor connections, your footage could be now safely saved to the local TF card. As you can insert a maximum of 64GB TF card to the camera knowing it is sufficient for hours of 720P videos, so no worries of losing important images.
  • True plug-and-play worry-free application Our unique looking wireless camera has everything up-to-date and automatic, no tedious installation nor confusing configuration, literally hooks up everything all by itself when you put it in your Wi-Fi list.
  • Never stumble on remote controls Noticed some devices aren't so responsive when you are trying to give orders via Wi-Fi. But that's not the case with this camera, everything works smoothly even you commanded it from afar.


Package Includes:

  • 1x  PT Camera (With/Without 4 door alarm sensors, select optionally)
  • 1x  USB Cable
  • 1x  Charging Head
  • 1x  Quick Manual
  • 1x  Install Kit