Reusable Unisex Waterproof Shoe Protector

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Love Shoes, hate dirt?

Don't let rain stop your wearing your favorite shoes.

If you want spotless shoes in all weather, these are the covers for you.

Protect your shoes from the mess of the world with our stylish reusable shoe protectors. Simply insert slip them on every time you leave the house and look super stylish with your clean shoes safely tucked inside, well more stylish than having dirty sneakers anyway :)

Perfect for festivals this summer!

Please check out the sizing chart below to ensure you buy the right product.

Please note, order a size or 2 more than your shoe size to ensure it fits over your shoe :)

Sizing Guide
Size Foot Length/CM EUR Size US Size
S 25.5 34/35 6
M 26.5 36/37 7.5
L 28.5 38/39 10
XL 29.5 40/41 11
2XL 31.5 42/43 13
3XL 32.5 44/46